Carpet Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Carpets are notorious for capturing allergens and germs and hiding them in plain sight. Regular vacuuming keeps this problem to a minimum, but scheduling regular carpet cleaning will significantly improve the air quality within your home. Here is the lowdown on indoor air quality and your carpet.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air quality can be up to two to five times more polluted than the outside air just outside your front door. In fact, the World Health Organization says that 30% of all the buildings in the world pose a health risk due to the quality of air inside the buildings. Here is what is happening.

Buildings are more sealed off from the outside world than they were in the past. Instead of opening the windows to air the space out, ventilation systems are being used to remove and replace inside air. Since molds can easily travel through the ventilation systems, they are able to thrive and find safe harbor within the carpets inside the home or business. Regular carpet cleaning reduces this problem by removing the trapped in dirt that the mold is able to live in. (Carpet Cleaning Orange County – Yelp Reviews)

The truth of the matter is that carpets actually work to trap allergens and keep them out of the air that we breathe. However, once the carpet becomes filled with dirt from the outside, it is unable to fulfill this function. The powerful sucking action of a carpet cleaning machine combined with specially designed detergents is able to break up and remove this ground in dirt.

Regular carpet cleaning does more than keep your home looking its best. It also helps the carpet do its job and maintain the air quality within your home. Done regularly, you and your family will be able to breathe easier.

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Carpet Cleaning News

Carpets can get so dirty!  Professional Cleaners like Service Master or Pristine Carpet Cleaning Boulder help their customers get their homes looking new again.  Did you know that cleaning your carpets actually improves your indoor air quality?  Cleaning carpets gets out allergens and bacteria that builds up in the depths of your carpet.

Did you know that upholstery has issues to?  You actually bring in oils, food, dirt, and whatever onto the furniture and this can change the appearance of your furniture!

We hope you enjoy this video.  Carpet Cleaners have a great sense a humor and love their jobs!

Living Room Design and Decor – Tips and Ideas


The video starts with a woman sitting on a sofa in a well-designed room. She doesn’t start with introductions. She starts right into her explanation. She explains why gray is a great choice for interior design. It’s a great backdrop color and other colors can be added to it without clashing. She explains that a great centerpiece, like the couch in the video, should be framed. And a great way to frame a centerpiece is to display a work of art above it. It can be a single, grand work of art like the one in the video, or she also suggests a series of three or five. She then recommends pillows for set decoration for couches and beds, explains the logic of decorating by numbers with the coffee table, explains the IMPORTANCE of a coffee table, and then goes on to display an ottoman which can add something different to the room, and it doesn’t have to match anything. She says that you shouldn’t solely go with matching colors when decorating a room; you should just put together things that feel right. The video ends after the ottoman suggestion.


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Carpet Cleaning : How to Remove Carpet Stains That Keep Reappearing 


In this video we are learning how to remove carpet in this video teaching one men john mickel owner of dynamic carpet care this video we learn many dust are store on that carpet so that is how to remove easily one house teaching this man one spray are using on this cleaning easily its amazing video cleaning method. I have had past carpet stains that I thought I got out but then suddenly the next week it seems as if they pop back up again. It’s frustrating when you work so hard to get it out and then suddenly they reappear. This is a great video detailing how to prevent this and make sure you have some clean carpets.  Blog On Carpet Cleaning in Orange County

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Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips – 4 Quick Tips

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The main topic of discussion here is maintenance of wall-to-wall carpet whether used in commercial settings or in residential homes. There are a few tips for taking care of your carpet.

The first one is to use walk-off mats at the front door and at any other entrance into the carpet area. Wipe your footwear on the walk-off mats before stepping inside into the carpet area. This will remove most of the dirt and soil on your shoes and prevent the same from spoiling your interior carpet. For more information check out Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners for the this review. They specialize in all kinds of cleaning including water damage West Chester PA.

The second method which can be easily followed in residence is to remove the shoes or footwear outside before entering the carpeted room. The third method is to remove the dirt spots and spills on the carpet as fast as possible with the help of neutral pH detergents. Once the stain sets it is very difficult to remove it. Hence, make sure that the spilling are cleaned up immediately.

A neutral pH detergent such as Home Pro-spotters can be very effective. Don’t go in for the cheap grocery store spotters as they may also result in color fading along with the removal of the stain. So go in for the detergents which will not affect the fabric color while removing the stain. And lastly, you can get your carpet professionally cleaning through the carpet cleaning services. They will thoroughly clean the carpet and help remove all stains professionally using hot water extraction method. It is recommended that the professional cleaning of the carpet be done at least once a year for the best maintenance of your carpet. Great Video!



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Housecleaning Tips : How to Clean Carpet Stains

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The video starts with a woman introducing herself as Rachel. She then goes on to describe how you can remove stains from carpets. She picks up a bottle of ketchup and puts it on the carpet she is going to use as an example (at this point you wonder…is she making some stain remover out of ketchup?! O.o). She’s just creating a stain with the ketchup though. She then takes vinegar, saying that you can just use pure vinegar and that should get many stains out if you just repeat the process a couple times by pouring vinegar on and wiping, then pouring vinegar on and wiping again. She also says you can mix water with vinegar to get a better clean maybe. The best process, though, seems to be mixing the vinegar, water, and dish soap at the end. You mix it, using mostly water, dip in a rag and then scrub the stain from the carpet. It creates soapy bubbles and removes the stain almost immediately to a perfect clean. This is all being demonstrated by Rachel. She then closes the video by stating her name again, and it is a pleasant, short, simple, easy-to-understand video overall.  Carpet Cleaning Tips From A Jacksonville Company


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Carpet Cleaning : Home Remedies for Pet Urine Stains on Carpets

He goes on to describe how you can get pet urine stains out of carpet. You can use simple things from around your home. Some things you need are a shop vac, two spray bottles (one with warm water and one with water and dish soap), and you also need vinegar and a white towel. He stresses the use of a WHITE towel specifically for some reason (I’m sure it doesn’t have to be white). He then sprays the warm water and dish soap on top of the stain for a demonstration, and he wipes it with the WHITE towel. He then goes back over it with the vinegar in order to disinfect it. The water and soap gets the stain out. The vinegar disinfects. He then goes over it with the shop vacuum to make sure everything is out of the carpet. That is Dynamic John Mickel’s home remedy to getting pet urine stains out of the carpet. The video is short and simple. If it’s still difficult for you, John Mickel suggests finding a professional carpet cleaner in your area.

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How to Organize Your Home: Organizational Expert

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I thought this was an interesting video, the organization was so impressive. I couldn’t believe she had a spot for every certain thing even the tea bags!!! Utilizing storage space in cupboards and in pantries are super vital so I am glad she helped me understand how I could utilize that small unused spaces. When using the craft room, I can’t believe she has a mail center with outgoing and ingoing mail, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the patience to keep that organized. The filing system that was color coordinated is a good idea to show the importance of the documents and exactly where things go if it is a vital thing to keep. I really need to get some of those hooks she uses for coupons and other stuff in the office. I could use that with my coupons! Love the Makeup bag my wife would totally love that as well as the jewelry holder. Her earring are always out of place so this would be a great idea to help. This lady is so great when it comes to organizational skills.

How to Organize Your Life : How to Keep your Refrigerator Clean Inside

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Refrigerators are the first thing in a kitchen to get dirty and the toughest to clean but you can learn how to keep a clean fridge by following the tips in this helpful “How to Organize Your Life You Tube video. First off, don’t go overboard at the grocery store and purchase more than you need, which can lead to a crowded refrigerator that is tougher to keep clean and organized. The largest items, such as gallons or milk or juices, should be stored on the top shelf. Leftovers from restaurant meals should be placed on paper plates to catch any leaks before they adhere to one of the shelves. It’s a good idea to dedicate one drawer for cheese or snack items for easy access. A small caddy with a handle, similar to those used in showers or bathrooms, is perfect for containing sauces or condiments and can easily be pulled out and taken to the table. If you have the space, bread and cereal can be stored in the refrigerator to extend freshness but they must be tightly sealed. To make cleaning easier, line the refrigerator’s slide-out drawers with paper towels. Partially used vegetables or fruits are best stored in zip-lock plastic bags instead of plastic wrap. Lastly, to keep your refrigerator looking good, clean it out weekly and dispose of any items that may be getting spoiled. Toss out the paper towels that line the drawer bottoms and install new ones in their place. Yelp Reviews

Home Health Tips

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In this video one program in this program main heading less minutes perfectly cleaning your home and kitchen cleaning tips and bathroom cleaning bedroom cleaning computer cleaning and many items are cleaning on easy ways and saying many tips for easily cleaning our home and improve our home need keyboard cleaning simply and refrigerator cleaning simply and most clean simple way. It’s amazing how some areas you think are clean are in fact not and dangerous. I had no idea! Bacteria and molds and lots of other yucky stuff can grow everywhere! It’s important to clean those little areas I think to try and make an attempt to keep you and your family healthy from unknown germs that are living in your home. Great Video of home health tips!  Yelp Reviews  Video Input from You Tube